Friday, April 30, 2010

Dragons! And Vikings!

I was sitting on my shelf last night, resting up for my big snooze, when Ellie came in and told me that she had heard our human girl say that she'd seen a new movie out now called "How to train your Dragon". A movie about a bunch of Vikings trying to rid their land from the scourge of the dragons!
The dragons actually end up being friendly.. well I wont tell you the rest but there is bit of a twist to it!

The thing she liked most about it? The dragon called Toothless! He's a cool black dragon with big green eyes,  he and one of the young Vikings become friends. She actually said that the dragon reminded her of ME! Yes, that's what she said! (It must be the big green eyes) Well anyway, Elle said that our girl said that it was an excellent movie and how she wants to go see it again this weekend.
How to Train Your Dragon Book 1
Now I know for a fact that this movie is taken from a book by Cressida Cowell. It's true, I'm looking at the book right now as I type this...    So, I'm going to read the book, and let you know how it is.

And I think you can trust the girl's report that the movie was good, and worth seeing!

Mrrrrow for now,


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