Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Em Gee!

I was browsing some book websites today and look what I found! Some new books coming soon!! I can hardly contain myself! It makes me want to go roll in cat nip!

Dexter Is Delicious A new Dexter book! Dexter is brought to us by the very talented Jeff Lindsay and it will be coming out September 7th 2010! I can hardly wait!
Dexter is my hero! Well, one of them anyway... another one of my heroes, Aloysious Pendergast. He is 
the highly intelligent FBI Special Agent, who knows a little bit of everything! Wow is he good!
His new book is called Fever Dream, written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Coming May 11th!
Fever Dream (Pendergast)

And finally, a book for kids, I love this title!

The Fast and the FurriestGet it? Sounds like Fast and the Furious, the movie, but it's about a dog and his boy, and their training for the dog agility trials! It is out now, written by Andy Behrens, and I will read it soon to let you know how it is. It sounds very funny!


Mrroww for now,

Kiki C.

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