Thursday, September 17, 2009

More What's on TV, and serial killers too !

Sanctuary: The Complete First Season The Dog came by my shelf this morning with more TV watching recommendations. She had mentioned last spring how impressed she was with the new series on SciFi called "Sanctuary".
It has action, adventure and a different kind of sci fi story line that, so far, does not include aliens from other worlds.
Plus you throw in cute actors, one bad-ass blonde chica (she makes me feel good about blondes again!), and Christopher Heyerdahl ::sigh:: and you have a show worthy of setting up the DVR.
It's sort of like X-men meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, on steroids. Did I mention cute actors? Ok. You should watch it. Says The Dog. But i concur, it is v good.

Dexter by Design: A NovelAlso, Dexter gets a hearty recommend from my pal The Dog. Dexter is, in MHO, the world's second most beloved serial killer. The first being Serge A. Storms from the excellent book series by author Tim Dorsey. I love Dexter Morgan, but, the first place in my heart goes to Serge, whose exploits are legendary in one "...knee-slapping blood bath" after another in Dorsey's books.

If you haven't seen, or read, Dexter or Serge Storms, I recommend them both to you. Oh, and btw, none of these books, nor the HBO series, are for children! I must emphasize this! Lots of dark and bloody humor! Something a cat can really sink her teeth into! :)

Gator A-Go-Go: A NovelOh and another btw, Jeff Lindsay's newest Dexter, "Dexter by Design" is in bookstores and libraries now. Tim Dorsey's latest Serge novel, called "Gator a-go-go", is due to hit in January 2010! Can hardly wait!

Oh look, the sun's coming up! Back to the shelf,

M'rrrrow for now,

Kiki C.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's good on TV?

I have interviewed The Dog, and she told me what is good to watch on TV!

Eureka: Season 3.0The first words out of her mouth were.. "Eureka!" on the SciFi chanel. (Actually it's now called Syfy Chanel.) Hmmm.. sort of squiffy if you ask me! She also said, "Warehouse 13", also on SciFi on Tuesday nights. "Heroes" on NBC, starting on September 21st. This is carrying over from last year when we all sat in front of the TV watching Heroes non-stop for like three months!
You must watch Heroes! It is the best, I always come down from my shelf to sit with The Dog to watch Heroes!
Heroes - Season ThreeMy favorite Hero?? .. hmm it would have to be, Hiro! And Sylar. He's so evil, and conflicted! He can't help himself! It's not his fault!

Anyway, so there you have it from our Television Guru, the Queen of the Small Screen, The Dog,
She says to watch:

Warehouse 13

There will be more TV show recommendations next month!

Happy watching!

Kiki C

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Watching fish can be very calming, and peaceful. So I added the nifty fish gadget at the bottom of my blog! You click to feed them. What a cool idea!

We are very amused!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coming this week..

Hello Everybody!

I will continue to find and report on good books for guys!
Plus, this week, I will be bringing you for the first time ... The Dog, for TV shows you don't want to miss! The Dog lies close to the TV, and she sees it all! She is the TV guru, and I give to you her recommendations with complete confidence!

Here is a picture of The Dog. For a dog, she is very smart! We're great friends! The Humans call her Elle. I have to admit.. I do love her!

You can see the concentration on The Dog Elle's face as she watches TV!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Books for guys

Books for boys, that's my focus this week.
A lot of boys don't want to read vampire love stories, or high school love stories, or fairy love stories. A lot of boys, in fact, do not want to read any kind of love stories!

So what are some good books for guys who don't want to read love stories? ...... I'm glad you asked!
Here is a small list of books for guys. These have all been read by me, and I certify that they are suitable for any guy, but, girls like them too!

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1)Number one on my list is The Lightning Thief. First book in the excellent series, "Percy Jackson and the Olympians", by author Rick Riordan. Tells of the exploits of the son of Poseidan (the god of the ocean in Greek mythology), and his friends. But, don't stop at the first book, the whole series is excellent and worthy of note. I found my self chuckling all the way through this one. Ares, god of war, rides a Harley. Hades, god of the underworld lives under Los Angeles, and his anger is the cause of the earthquakes that plague the Southland! Charon, the ferryman of souls, wears Italian suits! Funny, intelligent and exciting stuff! Plus, the movie comes out in February '10

Acceleration (Readers Circle)What would you do if you found the journal of a killer? Ignore it? Turn it in to the police? Or try to catch him yourself? Number two on my list is Acceleration by Graham McNamee.
I couldn't put this one down! Even the cover art is creepy! Brrrr! Set in the lovely city of Toronto, Canada, where my good friend Coco Chanel is from! (Hi Coco sweetie! I miss you pookie!)


Project Sweet LifeThird book recommended by me is, Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger. Funny book about three friends trying to fool their parents, and everyone else, into thinking that they have summer jobs! But, keeping the parents duped, is more work than a real job would have been!
I especially liked how the boy who was supposedly the lifeguard didn't have a tan!
Fun and easy to read. Most guys can relate to the guys in this book!

More guy books I recommend are:

The Fall of Reach (Halo, Bk. 1)The Halo series by Eric Nyland and William Dietz. From the video games. Lots of battle scenes, and genetically engineered Spartan warriors in cool Mjolnir armor that make them darn near invinsible! Lots of cool battles, and action!
Death to the Covenant!

Ender's Game (Ender, Book 1)
Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card. Lots of action and great science fiction. Six books in the Ender series. Worth the read guys!

The 39 Clues Book 1:The Maze of BonesThe 39 Clues series - 4 books in the series so far, each written by a different author, Rick Riordan, Gordon Korman, Peter Lerangis and Judy Watson. Two orphaned siblings run around the world in search of 39 clues that will lead them to a fortune and reveal who killed their parents. Among other things!
**Update** There are now 8 books in the series! And book number 8 is on my "next to read" shelf!

The Graveyard BookThe Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. This years Newberry award winner. A boy named Nobody Owens lives in a graveyard, and is raised by ghosts! A very good, well written story, worth the read!

That's it for now, check back in a day or two for more recommendations!

Happy Labor Day reading to everyone!



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More children's book recommendations!

Also read, Traction Man is here! and Traction Man meets Turbodog - by Mini Grey
Traction Man Is Here! (Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards (Awards))

These books are the story of a boy playing with his action figure, Traction Man and his side kick Scrubbing Brush. In the second book, we meet Turbodog! Traction Man has many adventures, in the house, and back yard of his boy. Also, "Traction Man is Here!" won some awards! As well it should have!

Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog

Both are very fun to read, and funny too! When Traction Man braves "The Bin" to rescue Scrubbing Brush, I laughed out loud and nearly fell off my shelf! ... "Whatever you do, don't listen to the tormenting cries of the Bin Things!"

These books are highly recommended! Loved 'em both!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

New children's book recommendations!

Hello! Here are some of my favorite children's books lately, and I suggest you read them!

Crazy Hair

I want to start with the book, Crazy Hair - by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean. What a crazy book this is! All sorts of wild things are in this guys crazy, curly and HUGE hair! A young girl gets a surprise when she tries to comb it; very fun to read! With cool illustrations.