Friday, October 29, 2010


Hi! It's Kiki and Elle with our picks for Halloween ( howl-o-ween as Elle says) and Fall books and movies. Well, maybe. Maybe there might be a movie or two. Elle hasn't had much to say about TV lately.

I don't blame her either, I have nothing against the state of New Jersey. Nor do I have anything against any people from New Jersey, in fact one of my best friends is from New Jersey. However, any TV shows lately that have New Jersey or NJ in the title.. *cough cough, hack hack, wheeze* sorry... fur ball.
Elle has been watching old re-runs, and DVD's a lot lately. I saw her go bury the remote in a hole out back. I think that's her way of saying 'TV... bleh'

So, let's move on to Books shall we? My favorite Halloween book of all time - DOGZILLA! By Dav Pilkey.
It stars mice, and a beautiful Welsh Corgi named Leia. The illustrations are photos of the various mice and dog. The story is about a city of mice called Mousopolis and how they save their city from the monster Dogzilla. Dogzilla is awakened from the volcano by the tempting aromas of Mousopolis' First Annual Barbecue Cook-Off, and the city must work together to save themselves from the destructive power of the dreadful Dogzilla! It's funny, it's cute, it's got a surprise ending! Adorable! Don't miss it!
Kat KongDogzilla (digest)                               

I really like Dav Pilkey's books ( Super Diaper Baby, Rickey Ricotta, Captain Underpants) and I must tell you about Kat Kong also. Another monster book with a cat as the main character, and the same mice from Dogzilla. Just too cute!

Both are worth your time to read, and I swear that no dogs, cats or mice were harmed in the making of these books!

Mrrow for now!

Kiki C.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My favorite classics for children

I know everyone has different ideas on what makes a book a classic, but I'm talking about books that are part of everyone's growing up. They are part of our cultural heritage, and are part of what is called 'Cultural Literacy.' This means everyone knows about it, or has heard of it. When I say, Mary had a little Lamb, you can finish that sentence. Everyone knows the nursery rhyme Mary had a Little Lamb. Or Pat-A-Cake. You get it, right? If I say Winnie the Pooh, you should know who I'm talking about!
Ok, books that have contributed to our collective cultural literacy, this is my top ten. I would recommend buying these for your bookshelf to hand down to your children and grandchildren!

1. Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

2. Bible Stories for Children

3. Aesop's Fables - by Aesop

4. Anderson's Fairy Tales - by Hans Christian Anderson

5. Grimm's Fairy Tales - by The Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm.

6.Winnie the Pooh - by A.A. Milne

7. The Tale of Peter Rabbit - by Beatrix Potter

8. Wind in the Willows - by Kenneth Grahame

9. A Child's Garden of Verses - by Robert Louis Stevenson  

10. Tales of the Arabian Nights - by Anonymous, pick one with nice illustrations.
  Tales from the Arabian Nights (Collector's Library Editions)

There you go. Find nicely illustrated editions and read them to your children or grandchildren. So they wont grow up disadvantaged! Or only know the Disney versions!

Mrrow for Now,

Kiki 'Toothless' Candi


Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Word From The Dog

Elle, my flat-mate, cohort, friend, colleague and favorite dog, has just brought to my attention that the DVD 
  How To Train Your Dragon 

How to Train Your Dragon (Single-Disc Edition)


   will be available to buy this Friday, October 15th!  On both DVD and Blu-Ray!

Worth getting for your personal collection says Elle! File this under Movies that make me Puurrr....


More Greek Heroes from Rick Riordan

One of my favorite authors, Rick Riordan, author of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians, has finished the first book in his new series called The Heroes of Olympus. The book is called
The Lost Hero
The Heroes of Olympus, Book One: The Lost Hero  Actually this book isn't available until this Tuesday, October 12th. So I haven't read it, but, I have read the first chapter and now can't wait to finish it! 

Also by Rick Riordan if you haven't seen this one yet, The Red Pyramid. This is book one in another series - The Kane Chronicles, having to do with Egypt and Egyptology. One of my favorite subjects!

The Red Pyramid (The Kane Chronicles, Book 1)

If you haven't started the Red Pyramid yet, what are you waiting for?

Ok, before I go, two great picture books for little children,
Hondo and Fabian by Peter McCarty and  1000 Times NO by Tom Warburton 
How many ways can your toddler say NO!?

Hondo and Fabian (Caldecott Honor Book)1000 Times No

Both are very cute and great for storytimes! Also, Hondo and Fabian has a sequel called Fabian Escapes by Peter McCarty where Fabian the fat kitty, goes on an adventure outside! 
Fabian Escapes
Adorable illustrations by Peter McCarty, the pets are both so fat and cute! Sorta like me, but I'm not really fat, it's just my fluffy soft fur... 

sooo.. Mrroww for now!

Kiki C.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Transportation Story Time Theme

This week, I've decided to post a story time theme, I haven't really done a themed post before, but I found the cutest book on CARS and wanted to tell you about it.
You know I love rhymes. I love books written in rhyme! I don't know why, but I do, even though I'm not a huge fan of poetry per se.. anyway.
This book is adorable and great for little boys who love cars.
It's called - IF I BUILT A CAR written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen.
The story is told by a little boy, named Jack, who tells his dad from the backseat of the family car, how he'd design and build his own car! The car he'd build is downright amazing! Jack has pretty much thought of everything for his car, from a comfy couch and fireplace; to a snack bar and pool! But that's not all! This car smells good, flies, and is submersible too! Amongst other cool things.
You really should read this book. It is very cute and funny! And so fun to read in it's cleverly crafted rhyming prose!
If I Built a Car [IF I BUILT A CAR]
I just LOVE it!

More cute books in the Transportation theme:

DON'T ROCK THE BOAT! by Sally Grindley - illustrated by Sarah Battle

Don't Rock the Boat! (Share-a-story)
This is a DK Share-A-Story book. One of the fun things to do with your kids when they are learning to read, have them read along and count with you, or repeat certain phrases through the book. And that's what this book encourages with it's story.
Charlie Cat is taking his boat to a birthday party and his friends want to come with him. The friends get more numerous, and Charlie says each time they ask to get in - "Don't Rock the Boat!"
Pretty soon the boat is full and.... well you'll see!         

Another great book about transportation to share with your kids is
NUESTRO AUTOBUS - THE BUS FOR US: written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom, Spanish translations by Aida E. Marcuse.
This story is about a boy and his sister, waiting to catch their school bus. There are lots of repeatable phrases for kids to read along with, plus, it's bi-lingual for kids learning English or Spanish! Very nice!
Nuestro Autobus/ The Bus for Us

There you go! Three books with a transportation theme, enjoy!

.... the kittens on the bus go mew, mew, mew....

Mrroww for now!

Kiki C.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Make Story Time Fun!

The other day, someone asked me how to encourage their young child to read. The best way to encourage reading is to make reading time fun. You can start early with this, even when the child is a baby!

We've all heard of Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. Every library owns a copy-it's a classic! You can pick out your favorites, and sing or recite these to your young child. The rhythm and rhyme is the best thing for a baby or young child to learn language and prepare them for reading! 

Sing nursery songs and do finger plays with your child every day as a sort of pre-reading play time. Make story time fun. Act like you are enjoying this time as well. If you act as though it is a real chore and sacrifice to play and read to your child, they will pick it up, and story time will become an unpleasant chore! So make this time special, when you are in a good mood, and ready to spend quality play time with your child. 

The Eentsy, Weentsy Spider: Fingerplays and Action RhymesThis is the time for tickling, giggling, singing and clapping!  

Here are some links and ideas for you. Amazon is a very affordable place to pick up these books, or, visit your local library and borrow them for free! 

My Very First Mother Goose                             

This one is illustrated by Rosemary Wells-                                
      she's one of my favorite authors!

This is a beautiful edition!Favorite Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose

You can either pick up a book of Finger Plays, or, go online and search  "Finger Plays for babies and toddlers"

Here are a list of my favorites!

Pat A Cake
Peek A Boo!
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
I Had a Little Turtle
5 Little Monkeys
This Little Piggy
One Potato, Two Potato
Five Fat Peas

and there are so many more!

Think back, did you have any favorite nursery rhymes, or play times?

Mrrrow for Now! 

This is Kiki and I approve of this message! 


Monday, May 17, 2010

Guess who?!.... It's Kiki!

Yes, it's me! And I want to tell you about a new children's book I found, it's called "Guess Again!" by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Adam Rex.  It's a book of funny silly riddles...

"He steals carrots from the neighbor's yard.
His hair is soft, his teeth are hard.
His floppy ears are long and funny. Can you guess who?..."

If you said BUNNY, then I say "Guess Again!"
This book is funny! This book is silly! I think you'll love it!

Guess Again!

If you are in the mood for tough, smart girls doing exciting, fun stuff in New York City..(and who wouldn't be?!)
You gotta read the KIKI STRIKE books. Now, I know what you're thinking..." Kiki, you're just pushing those books because the heroine's name is KIKI."  But that's just not true.
These books are filled with adventure and excitement;  strong savvy girls being.. strong and savvy! It is just a coincidence that her name is also Kiki.

Think, Girl Scouts meet Indiana Jones meets the "A" Team. I loved both books, Kiki Strike: Inside the shadow city, and Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb. Both by Kirsten Miller.

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City      Kiki Strike: The Empress's Tomb  
I'm keeping my claws crossed for a book 3 to be out! Soon.
In fact, I just might drop Kirsten Miller a line and ask her for more in the Kiki Strike series! Kiki and her gang are just the sort of role models for today's girls.. or kittens!

Eagerly anticipated by myself, and others, the 3rd and final book in the Hunger games series, 
"Mockingjay" by Suzanne Collins.

Mockingjay (The Final Book of The Hunger Games)     And, sequel to The Maze Runner -
 "The Scorch Trials"   The Scorch Trials

They will be out in August 2010, and October 2010, respectively.
Both are excellent series that appeal to boys, but I know a lot of girls love them too. Not just me!

Well I gtg eat and get ready for some TV watching!
I'll let you know how that turns out!

Mrrrow for now!

Kiki "Strike" Candi                               
(just kiddin')

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh Em Gee!

I was browsing some book websites today and look what I found! Some new books coming soon!! I can hardly contain myself! It makes me want to go roll in cat nip!

Dexter Is Delicious A new Dexter book! Dexter is brought to us by the very talented Jeff Lindsay and it will be coming out September 7th 2010! I can hardly wait!
Dexter is my hero! Well, one of them anyway... another one of my heroes, Aloysious Pendergast. He is 
the highly intelligent FBI Special Agent, who knows a little bit of everything! Wow is he good!
His new book is called Fever Dream, written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. Coming May 11th!
Fever Dream (Pendergast)

And finally, a book for kids, I love this title!

The Fast and the FurriestGet it? Sounds like Fast and the Furious, the movie, but it's about a dog and his boy, and their training for the dog agility trials! It is out now, written by Andy Behrens, and I will read it soon to let you know how it is. It sounds very funny!


Mrroww for now,

Kiki C.