Friday, April 30, 2010

Websites I love

I have not yet given you my list of cool websites. These are the sites I visit often. They have cool stuff and ideas for making things!

The first site I want to show you is: 
How cool is that? A place for amateur astronomers to learn about telescopes, and MAKE your own! Yes, I said make a telescope!

I have to visit this one every few days to update my computer monitor background, they have the best pictures:
when you go there, click galleries for the cool pics of the universe. Also, a great site to keep in touch with the new space telescope the WEBB. a hilarious site with cats, dogs and other cute critters! AKA lolcats.  This is where your Cousin Freddie gets those cute and funny pictures that he sends in his e-mails.. pictures like this...
  and this..  more cute animals!  Wow, lots of projects on this site. For those of you who are into projects!
The same guy that teaches you how to make a telescope! and  Facebook for cats and dogs!

Mmrrrow for now!

Kiki C.

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