Thursday, September 17, 2009

More What's on TV, and serial killers too !

Sanctuary: The Complete First Season The Dog came by my shelf this morning with more TV watching recommendations. She had mentioned last spring how impressed she was with the new series on SciFi called "Sanctuary".
It has action, adventure and a different kind of sci fi story line that, so far, does not include aliens from other worlds.
Plus you throw in cute actors, one bad-ass blonde chica (she makes me feel good about blondes again!), and Christopher Heyerdahl ::sigh:: and you have a show worthy of setting up the DVR.
It's sort of like X-men meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, on steroids. Did I mention cute actors? Ok. You should watch it. Says The Dog. But i concur, it is v good.

Dexter by Design: A NovelAlso, Dexter gets a hearty recommend from my pal The Dog. Dexter is, in MHO, the world's second most beloved serial killer. The first being Serge A. Storms from the excellent book series by author Tim Dorsey. I love Dexter Morgan, but, the first place in my heart goes to Serge, whose exploits are legendary in one "...knee-slapping blood bath" after another in Dorsey's books.

If you haven't seen, or read, Dexter or Serge Storms, I recommend them both to you. Oh, and btw, none of these books, nor the HBO series, are for children! I must emphasize this! Lots of dark and bloody humor! Something a cat can really sink her teeth into! :)

Gator A-Go-Go: A NovelOh and another btw, Jeff Lindsay's newest Dexter, "Dexter by Design" is in bookstores and libraries now. Tim Dorsey's latest Serge novel, called "Gator a-go-go", is due to hit in January 2010! Can hardly wait!

Oh look, the sun's coming up! Back to the shelf,

M'rrrrow for now,

Kiki C.

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  1. Theres a book about Dexter? I didn't know that!
    Thanks Kiki for your reviews, it seems you like the same kind of movies and books I do!
    Except for the kids stuff!