Wednesday, September 2, 2009

More children's book recommendations!

Also read, Traction Man is here! and Traction Man meets Turbodog - by Mini Grey
Traction Man Is Here! (Boston Globe-Horn Book Awards (Awards))

These books are the story of a boy playing with his action figure, Traction Man and his side kick Scrubbing Brush. In the second book, we meet Turbodog! Traction Man has many adventures, in the house, and back yard of his boy. Also, "Traction Man is Here!" won some awards! As well it should have!

Traction Man Meets Turbo Dog

Both are very fun to read, and funny too! When Traction Man braves "The Bin" to rescue Scrubbing Brush, I laughed out loud and nearly fell off my shelf! ... "Whatever you do, don't listen to the tormenting cries of the Bin Things!"

These books are highly recommended! Loved 'em both!

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  1. I love both these books! I can't wait for the next Traction Man!
    Keep up the good work!