Thursday, September 10, 2009

What's good on TV?

I have interviewed The Dog, and she told me what is good to watch on TV!

Eureka: Season 3.0The first words out of her mouth were.. "Eureka!" on the SciFi chanel. (Actually it's now called Syfy Chanel.) Hmmm.. sort of squiffy if you ask me! She also said, "Warehouse 13", also on SciFi on Tuesday nights. "Heroes" on NBC, starting on September 21st. This is carrying over from last year when we all sat in front of the TV watching Heroes non-stop for like three months!
You must watch Heroes! It is the best, I always come down from my shelf to sit with The Dog to watch Heroes!
Heroes - Season ThreeMy favorite Hero?? .. hmm it would have to be, Hiro! And Sylar. He's so evil, and conflicted! He can't help himself! It's not his fault!

Anyway, so there you have it from our Television Guru, the Queen of the Small Screen, The Dog,
She says to watch:

Warehouse 13

There will be more TV show recommendations next month!

Happy watching!

Kiki C

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  1. I will be tuning in to Heroes tonight! :)
    and Kiki, i love Sylar too!