Saturday, March 27, 2010

"More Books Please Kiki!"

Yes, it is time for more books, and I have a whole pile of Children's Books right here! I really like children's books because they are quick easy reads, and they are so pretty!
Easter is fast upon us, and the first book in my stack is a beautiful Easter book called,
 The Easter EggThe Easter Egg, by Jan Brett. I love Jan Brett books because they are so very lovely, with the most amazing illustrations!
This book is about a cute little bunny named Hoppi who is excited about decorating the most beautiful egg to win the honor of helping the Easter Bunny hide the eggs on Easter morning. It has a very sweet message, and Hoppi is a brave little bunny who makes a selfless choice that ends up turning out good for him! The book is full of every kind of beautiful illustration you can imagine. I absolutely adore the lovely red hens who pull the Easter Bunny's wagon! I like this book too because I love any mention of soft fur.. since I too have such soft fur, I can so relate to Hoppi! This book is for you if you love sweet stories with lots of beautiful pictures!

Little Cloud and Lady WindLittle Cloud and Lady Wind by Toni Morrison and Slade Morrison
A book about a young cloud, who drifts through the sky with the other clouds, but she is not happy making thunder and rain, she wants to live on the Earth and be on her own. A timeless story about being happy with who you are! And again, more beautiful illustrations by Sean Qualls.

The Hound from the PoundAnother one of my favorites, and it is not new, is called The Hound from the Pound by Jessica Swaim.
A funny, sweet story written in rhyme, about a lonely lady who finds her soul mate, and more, at the pound.
The dear Blue Basset hound becomes Miss Mary Lynne MacIntosh's new four legged companion.. and brings some old friends home with him! I love this book..What more can I say but, "AH-ROOoooo!!

 Mmrrrrow for now!

Kiki C.

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