Thursday, October 7, 2010

Transportation Story Time Theme

This week, I've decided to post a story time theme, I haven't really done a themed post before, but I found the cutest book on CARS and wanted to tell you about it.
You know I love rhymes. I love books written in rhyme! I don't know why, but I do, even though I'm not a huge fan of poetry per se.. anyway.
This book is adorable and great for little boys who love cars.
It's called - IF I BUILT A CAR written and illustrated by Chris Van Dusen.
The story is told by a little boy, named Jack, who tells his dad from the backseat of the family car, how he'd design and build his own car! The car he'd build is downright amazing! Jack has pretty much thought of everything for his car, from a comfy couch and fireplace; to a snack bar and pool! But that's not all! This car smells good, flies, and is submersible too! Amongst other cool things.
You really should read this book. It is very cute and funny! And so fun to read in it's cleverly crafted rhyming prose!
If I Built a Car [IF I BUILT A CAR]
I just LOVE it!

More cute books in the Transportation theme:

DON'T ROCK THE BOAT! by Sally Grindley - illustrated by Sarah Battle

Don't Rock the Boat! (Share-a-story)
This is a DK Share-A-Story book. One of the fun things to do with your kids when they are learning to read, have them read along and count with you, or repeat certain phrases through the book. And that's what this book encourages with it's story.
Charlie Cat is taking his boat to a birthday party and his friends want to come with him. The friends get more numerous, and Charlie says each time they ask to get in - "Don't Rock the Boat!"
Pretty soon the boat is full and.... well you'll see!         

Another great book about transportation to share with your kids is
NUESTRO AUTOBUS - THE BUS FOR US: written and illustrated by Suzanne Bloom, Spanish translations by Aida E. Marcuse.
This story is about a boy and his sister, waiting to catch their school bus. There are lots of repeatable phrases for kids to read along with, plus, it's bi-lingual for kids learning English or Spanish! Very nice!
Nuestro Autobus/ The Bus for Us

There you go! Three books with a transportation theme, enjoy!

.... the kittens on the bus go mew, mew, mew....

Mrroww for now!

Kiki C.

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