Friday, October 29, 2010


Hi! It's Kiki and Elle with our picks for Halloween ( howl-o-ween as Elle says) and Fall books and movies. Well, maybe. Maybe there might be a movie or two. Elle hasn't had much to say about TV lately.

I don't blame her either, I have nothing against the state of New Jersey. Nor do I have anything against any people from New Jersey, in fact one of my best friends is from New Jersey. However, any TV shows lately that have New Jersey or NJ in the title.. *cough cough, hack hack, wheeze* sorry... fur ball.
Elle has been watching old re-runs, and DVD's a lot lately. I saw her go bury the remote in a hole out back. I think that's her way of saying 'TV... bleh'

So, let's move on to Books shall we? My favorite Halloween book of all time - DOGZILLA! By Dav Pilkey.
It stars mice, and a beautiful Welsh Corgi named Leia. The illustrations are photos of the various mice and dog. The story is about a city of mice called Mousopolis and how they save their city from the monster Dogzilla. Dogzilla is awakened from the volcano by the tempting aromas of Mousopolis' First Annual Barbecue Cook-Off, and the city must work together to save themselves from the destructive power of the dreadful Dogzilla! It's funny, it's cute, it's got a surprise ending! Adorable! Don't miss it!
Kat KongDogzilla (digest)                               

I really like Dav Pilkey's books ( Super Diaper Baby, Rickey Ricotta, Captain Underpants) and I must tell you about Kat Kong also. Another monster book with a cat as the main character, and the same mice from Dogzilla. Just too cute!

Both are worth your time to read, and I swear that no dogs, cats or mice were harmed in the making of these books!

Mrrow for now!

Kiki C.

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  1. Hi Kiki!
    Love your book suggestions and advice for getting kids to read.
    Thank you!