Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Books for Guys

Ok, ok, I know I promised more guys books, and here they come.

Right up at the top of my list is Rick Yancey's nice piece of Steampunk literature.. I know you know which one I'm talkin' about... The Monstrumologist. Definition of monstrumology- The hunting and scientific study of monsters. This is the diary of 12 year old Will Henry, young apprentice to Dr. Pellinore Warthrop-Monstrumologist. Beware! This is not a book for young children! The engrossing tale, and I do mean en-GROSS-ing, pulled me right in! Lots of blood and guts, heads popping off etc. Mmmm! A great horror adventure story with hellish, man-eating monsters out of myth and folklore! The Anthropophagi! Look it up!
You'll be surprised like I was. Rick Yancey didn't make these guys up, they are mentioned else where in human history. Anyway, if you want a creepy, chilling, gruesome adventure tale, pick this one up! And I'm pretty sure there are some more coming in a series! Oh, and if you want to get a good night's sleep, don't read this after dark... I mean, really.. don't do it. **shudder**

The Monstrumologistooooh maybe I'll go read it again...

I also liked The Maze Runner by James Dashner. A Sci-Fi sort of book, what one might call "distopian literature". That means a society characterized by oppression or squalor. The book is about a 16 year old boy who wakes up in the middle of a huge maze, with no memories of any former life. He then realizes that to escape, he has to learn to work with the other people who are also trapped in the maze. I like this book because it is action packed, and lots of edge of your seat sort of suspense. I really couldn't put this one down!

The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Trilogy (Hardback))

Last, but not least by any means, I reccommend Nick of Time by Ted Bell. What a hoot! I loved this book, a great adventure, with time travel (ooh i love it!) high sea adventure, pirates, nazis (!?), and a guy named... McIver! Ha! Yes, true, reminds me of the old TV show, MacGyver! Anyway, you will love this book, I would almost bet money on that! Another one that I didn't want to put down. Oh, and the sequel is out now too, called The Time Pirate: A Nick McIver Time Adventure. I will read that one soon..

Nick of Time              The Time Pirate: A Nick McIver Time Adventure (Nick McIver Adventures Through Time)

Oh, look at the time.. gotta run!

Mrrrow for now!


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  1. Loved the Monstrumologist to, hoping for a movie.